Golf Carts in Port Charlotte Used As a Primary Mode of Transportation By Seniors

It is no surprise that golf carts in Port Charlotte are so commonly used as a primary mode of transportation by the senior citizens who live there. There is something about a golf cart that uniquely lends itself to the life style of a senior citizen living in a retirement community. Perhaps the main reason for this is that golf carts are both fun and easy to drive and also easily integrate into the more relaxed environment that a retirement community is designed to create for its residents. It makes sense that a senior citizen who has lived a full life and is feeling the physical effects of the aging process will want to experience the more relaxed life style that a retirement community can provide.




An article in Slate recently described how many retirement communities have been specifically designed to accommodate golf carts as the primary mode of transportation for their residents. This trend began in the late 1980’s at the Villages community for seniors in Orlando, Florida. Today that same community boasts nearly one hundred miles of trails specifically designed for golf carts. Not only can the residents of this community play golf using their golf cart but they can also run all their daily errands including everything from grocery shopping to seeing a movie at the community movie theater using their golf cart as well. This trend of designing retirement communities to accommodate the wide spread use of golf carts for transportation has spread to many other retirement communities in the American South where the weather is usually amenable to golf carts all year round.




Golf Carts Port CharlotteThe Slate article goes on to talk about about how golf carts are especially attractive for senior citizens for various reasons. First of all, golf carts are an enjoyable means of transportation because they are typically open to the elements. In a warm weather climate like Florida it can feel very pleasant for the driver of a golf cart to feel the warm breeze on their face as they travel about. Second of all, golf carts are more affordable than a full-sized vehicle. This is true in terms of total cost, but also in terms of maintenance and environmental impact. Third, golf carts are more convenient than a full-sized vehicle because they require less fuel than a full-sized vehicle, take up less space and are easily stored in a garage or other structure. Fourth, driving a golf cart tends to promote community and socializing between golf cart operators because there are literally no barriers between them as they pass each other on the trails and are easy to stop and pull over in order to have a conversation with another driver. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, because golf carts travel at a slower rate of speed than a regular automobile they allow for a greater degree of reaction time and for this reason can tend to be an easier and safer means of travel for the typical senior citizen.




It is easy for senior citizens to start driving golf carts in Port Charlotte because the state of Florida does not require a driver’s license to operate a golf cart. This can provide for greater freedom for seniors who have had their driver’s license revoked. Of course, this should not be read to encourage a senior citizen to drive a golf cart if he or she is not capable of operating one safely. However, because a golf cart can tend to be easier to operate than a full-sized automobile it is usually not unreasonable for a senior citizen to be able to operate a golf cart safely when they otherwise could not operate a full-sized automobile safely. As mentioned previously, golf carts travel at a slower rate of speed than does a full-sized vehicle but most models also come to a stop when the driver removes his or her foot from the accelerator. Both of these features tend to make a golf cart a safer mode of transportation for a senior citizen in comparison to a full-sized automobile.


Freedom is a precious commodity for senior citizens. The reality of the situation is that the older a person gets the greater chance their freedom will be restricted by physical ailments and cognitive impairments. For this reason, it is especially important for many senior citizens to make the most of the time and health they have left. For many senior citizens, one of the best way to make the most out of the time and health they have remaining is own a golf cart. Of course, the golf cart would not be as valuable in terms of freedom as it is if retirement communities were not designed to accommodate them. That is why golf carts in Port Charlotte are such a hot commodity.


In conclusion, golf carts in Port Charlotte have come to be a wonderful enhancement to the life styles of many senior citizens. This is especially true in the American South where the climate tends to accommodate their use and where retirement communities have also been specifically designed for their use. What makes them such a wonderful enhancement to the lives of many senior citizens is that golf carts are both fun and easy to drive. This allows them to be used by senior citizens who would not otherwise be able to drive a full-sized automobile. Because of this owning and operating a golf cart can provide a senior citizen with a greater freedom and quality of life that he or she might not otherwise be able to enjoy. Moreover, golf carts are affordable, efficient and a social means of transportation in and around the retirement communities designed to accommodate them. For all these reasons (and probably more) many senior citizens are discovering that owning a golf cart is a very positive addition to their quality of life.

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